There is a great deal of competition in medical device and digital health technology marketing. Find opportunities to distinguish your innovation from those of competitors and garner attention from users and purchasers. Leverage appropriate connections, messaging, communication channel selection, and success tracking.


  • Clearly articulate each step in your sales process, including goals, questions, concerns, and obstacles associated with each step.
  • Develop an elevator pitch. Establish convincing and objective evidence that your technology is needed so that you can attract potential purchasers.
  • Develop a thorough marketing plan identifying appropriate messaging for each potential buyer and determining the most effective placement of those messages at each stage of the purchasing decision.
  • Find out who makes decisions about adopting new technologies at relevant healthcare organizations. Try to identify a healthcare champion who can support your technology and inform you of their specific procurement routes.
  • Create tactics within your marketing plan to measure and track the success of your sales efforts. Consider how you will follow up with happy customers for referrals.


Business Accelerator Fund

The Business Accelerator Fund is available to participating accelerators in Michigan’s statewide SmartZone network. These funds are used toward the delivery of specialized services that are not otherwise available from these accelerators to assist advanced technology companies. helps U.S. companies plan, develop, and execute international sales strategies necessary to succeed in today’s global marketplace.


MaRS provides venture services to support healthcare innovators and move them in the right direction toward commercialization.

Michigan Small Business Development Center

The Michigan Small Business Development Center provides counseling, training, and research for small businesses.

University of Michigan First Customer Program

The First Customer Program, funded by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, assists with identifying critical gaps in business development, marketing, and sales.

WEtech Alliance

WEtech Alliance helps entrepreneurs launch new ventures and connect with academia; provides education and networking opportunities; and advocates for the region’s thriving technology and innovation companies.